This course is for those who want to become junior software programmer. The Self Instructional Material and hands on experience will help the learner to identify the basic components of computer and their working, use operating system, use office productivity tools, explain different phases of system development life cycle, draw flowchart, explain database and its purpose, create new database & table, create queries & reports, write simple programs using C programming language.

Medium of Instruction


Entry Level

10th Pass

Course Duration

One Year

Essential Course Duration

480 Hours

Course Fee

Rs. 6000/-

Course Components
S.No Title of Component Essential Contact Hrs
Theory Practical
1 Basic Computing Skills 80 160
2 Computer Applications 80 160
Scheme of Examination
S.No Name of the subject / Modules Time (in hrs.) Marks Total
Theory Practical Theory Practical Internal Assessment
1 Basic Computing Skills 2 2 40 60 -- 100
2 Computer Applications 2 2 40 60 -- 100
Passing Criteria
S.No Name of the subject Certification criteria (percentage)
Theory Practical Internal Assessment Aggregate in each paper module
1 Basic Computing Skills 50 50 -- 50
2 Computer Applications 50 50 -- 50